Thursday, October 4, 2012

Carmegeddon 2

Alrighty folks, so for those of you who do not live in SoCal you wouldn't understand this. Basically there was a closure on one of the major freeways, the 405, so that they could tear down a bridge and build a new one to make the freeway bigger. Anyhow people were told NOT to get on this closed freeway, all entrances were blocked off and cops were EVERYWHERE. If you were caught, you would get arrested. But you do NOT put a challenge out there without expecting someone to try it. That someone was me, along with my friends haha. Sadly Peter could not make it to this escapade, but you get to see my other friends and roommates. 

So it all started when my friend Melly Lee, an amazing photographer, asked me what I was doing during "Carmeggeddon," which is what people came to call this great closure of the 405. She told me that she wanted to go on the closed portion of the freeway and take pictures on it, I thought she was crazy, but hey, crazy is fun, so i went along with it. 

The night before we went to the location and scouted possible ways to sneak in without getting caught, we found several locations but saw how many cops there were and felt it might be hopeless. But the next morning we went anyhow, despite all the cops, and was actually able to sneak into one spot, the spot you see in the pictures above. We had to go to the top of a parking structure first to see where the cops were on the freeway and if it was possible. This was such an amazing feat for us, we had tons of fun running around and sneaking in and out of the freeway. It was the most exhilarating morning ever! And after that I went to Hermit Falls to jump off a 50ft cliff, pictures to come at a later date. 
As for what I was wearing, I was wearing Levi's, their new commuter line and taper clothing are quite stretchy, I knew I would be climbing over fences and whatnot so stretchy pants were a MUST. 

So I know what question you are all dying to ask, who are those sexy asian friends of yours, well I'll tell ya. In the last picture I posted up from left to right; Chris Im, Manny Shih, Joon Park, and yours truly