Monday, March 24, 2014

Where Soul Meets Body (ft. Levi's)

Photos by: Chris Im                                            Pants/belt by: Levi's                               Shoes by: Palladium

If the world was in a post apocalyptic end, this would probably be my outfit. I love how those shows nowadays, "Walking Dead" and other games like "Last of Us" have such cool rugged outfits. I know it's weird but I only look forward to a zombie apocalypse so I can wear really dirty rugged cool outfits. Anyways, I paired up with Levi's to bring forth this outfit for you guys. They gifted me with this pair of blue denim. So naturally I paired it with a grey shirt to dull down it color and added on this denim jacket to give it more of a personality.

Suitable for: 
Airsofting. Zombie hunting. Hiking. Casual daily wear. Lunch dates. Going to concerts. Running away from cops (these pants are super flexible).

Not suitable for:
Dinner dates. Fancy parties. Taking a shower.

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