Thursday, June 30, 2011


Photocred: Bethany Struble

I was recently contacted by chalermpol jitter through e-mail because she wanted my opinion on her designs. She didn't show me any fancy websites to dazzle me or give lots of initiatives to model her clothes, she was just an artist starting out and wanting some help. She was so genuine and sweet so I figured, why the hell not!?! The moment I saw her designs I fell in LOVE. They were so simple yet so beautiful! She had me begging to model her clothes by the end of the conversation. I hope you all enjoy! Here are some inspirations for this look :]

Oh and incase you haven't yet, check out my videolog :]

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fashion Munster & the Rowdy Bunch

Hobo Bill. He was cute.

Photo Credits: Bethany Struble & Bobby Raffin & Some Rando named Blair

OK, So I finally made a blog :] Correction, WE finally made a blog. Yes, yes me and yoshi are sharing a blog together. But enough about that. Last week, the gang, Bobby, Bethany, Kylie and I went to LA for an audition that I had. After failing shortly at my audition, we took a couple of shots for the fashionmunster thanks to Bethany S. And of course, we took a couple of extra shots for lookbook :] Stay tuned for more adventures, lots of crazy things to come this week.

-Peter A.