Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Weather the weather

Some of you have asked me to post warmer looks, such as, looks that would be great for tropical areas. Seeing as how it's raining and around 40-70 degrees Fahrenheit over here, it's not as logical for me to post such looks. Though I understand some of you still want me to, so the best solution from my point of view would be, well..this. Here are a couple of warmer weather looks that I've styled on my lookbook over the past two years.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Everlasting Wanderer pt.2

Photos by: Bethany Struble                        Shirt/Pants by: Pacsun                Hat by: Brixton               Shoes by: Dr. Martens                          Backpack by: Coach

Alright, the rest of the massive amounts of pictures from this set! Just a bunch of close ups/details. Style guide coming up soon peeps :]  

Sunday, January 27, 2013

In brightest day, in blackest night (style tips)


Photos by: Bethany Struble                             Jacket by: Pacsun                            Lantern: Paccony

  I've always loved going to the beach, I know it sounds strange, but winter time is actually one of my favorite times to go. Not to swim or anything, but just being there with the cold crisp winter sea air caressing my face, a wonderful feeling. Enough about me though, let's talk about you, what do you like? WHOA WAIT, we're not speed dating.

But really though, the best thing about the winter beach is the beautiful colors of the rain clouds and the sun. Especially if you've got a dark "supernatural-esque*outfit on. If any of you watch the show supernatural and you're desiring a similar style/look, it's actually a pretty simple look to achieve, and here's how!

To achieve a supernatural (The TV series) style in an outfit:
1. Saturation (Or de-saturation actually, the tv series has a very dark mood/setting. The outfits they use help achieve that feel by dressing the main characters with desaturated colors, a couple safe choices are such [most are faded}: Olive green, Navy Blue)
2. Dark colors (They very rarely use bright colors, when they do, the screen is over-layed with deep blue hues to darken the color anyways. If you want to have a darker look, obviously darker colors are a safe choice)
3. Don't layer same colors (Even though their colors are dark and bland due to de-saturation, there is always contrast. The last thing you want to do is end up wearing all black and looking like a goth teen, which is very possible, of course unless if you are a goth teen and you enjoy looking like it. In which case, enjoy)
4. Wear blue denim pants (From what I've seen on the show, they don't wear much of anything but blue denim for bottoms, which is great, blue denim keeps things very casual, but clean and rugged at all times)

And of course if you're like me and enjoy feeling epic, carry an awesome lantern with you. Pretend it wards of ghosts or something, regardless, people will ask you what it's for. When they do, smash it over their head and take their wallet and leave a note that says, "For such occasions". Jk. but not really. But really. ANYWAYS, enjoy!


Random thought spiel for you guys really quick today. Blogging. Why do it, why not do it, why do I do it?

First off, I just want to say, I don't blog about male style to be REVOLUTIONARY. My blog isn't going to change the way the world will see fashion/style, if it does for a couple of you, awesome, if not, oh well, that's not what it's for. So what IS the point of my blog?

I've gotten many questions regarding my style, if I had been stylish all my life and such. As much as I'd love to say, yes, I've been reading fashion/style magazines ever since I was a child, that is not the truth. I haven't been stylish all my life, in fact, I was so unstylish, I was the butt of a lot of jokes back in high school. I wore cargo shorts or any other shorts for that matter all my life until I was out of high school. Here is a prime example of me in my senior year in high school:

So why does this matter? This is partially why I blog.

I blog simple styles that I enjoy wearing that I feel comfortable in, and in the same way, I create simple outfits that ANYONE can wear, they're not crazy or insanely creative (sorry for that, if that's what you're looking for, I'm sure my blog hasn't helped you with that and you're probably not really reading my blog anyways). I blog about things that I wish I had known about in high school. The simple tips on how to dress myself better. i.e.

1. fit
2. colors
3. basics

All the little things I wish I had someone tell me. I don't blog to get that coveted #menswear tag, I blog for anyone who wants to read it. Here and there I'll throw a random simple style tip, obviously they're jokes a lot of the time, I'm not the most serious guy in the world, but if you read between the lines, you'll get a pretty straightforward tip. I don't blog to influence you all to wear the same things I wear, if you want to take a couple things from my outfit that you like and use it as your own, feel free. But if you can learn a little something or take in something useful from my blog, then that's all I wish for. Or even if I can put a smile on your face from my corny jokes, that makes me happy.

I don't blog for the followers, no one should. If you have a blog because you think you'll be famous or because you want to be famous, you probably should not blog, because you don't enjoy it. It'll quickly become a chore for you. My blog is my journal, I'll blog regardless if I'm getting a lot of hits or none at all, I just enjoy it.

So to sum it all up. I blog because I enjoy it, if I help you in some way or form, great! If not, I'm sorry. If you want to start blogging, do it! If you enjoy it, then you'll have a great fun hobby that you'll enjoy doing regardless if it leads you anywhere else or not. I dress simple, because it fits me best, if you enjoy more extravagant looks/style, wear what you wear best! Not everyone is born stylish, I know I wasn't, so if you're not either, don't feel bad, join me in my crusade for style brothers! (and sisters)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

In the Morning Light (Paccony)

 Photos by: Bethany Struble                                      Shirt by: Vans                                       Pillowcase by: Paccony

I feel so scandalous posting these pictures in my bed, even though I'm not like exposing anything lol, but I really wanted to show you guys my new pillowcase! One thing that I've always thought was cool was silk pillowcases, because, from living with my parents, all I had were cotton floral pillowcases. Having one of these really made me feel independent. Strange as it sounds, but of course, thus is the mystical power of a silk cloth on one's face. If you're all wondering where I got this pillowcase, check out for more home/interior design deals. Here are some deals they currently have!

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Everlasting Wanderer

Photos by: Bethany Struble                        Shirt/Pants by: Pacsun                Hat by: Brixton               Shoes by: Dr. Martens                          Backpack by: Coach

I took so many pictures on this shoot that I had to separate them into two blog posts, so here is the first set of pictures from the shoot. So stay tuned for the second set

Monday, January 21, 2013

Tell The Gravedigger That He Better Dig Two

Photos by: Bethany Struble                         Jacket by: Volcom                       Shirt by: Modern Amusement                                   Pants by: Kasil                           Shoes by: Fly London

It's been like summer in January. I honestly will never get the hang of it. Just a quick outfit post for today. Have a good one y'all!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

What Are Bros For

Check out my newest skit with my brothers and roomates! If you haven't yet, subscribe to our channel to watch more of our shenanigans :]

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Cup of Tea (Bright Pants Styling tips)

Photos by: Nick Sutjongdro                            Vest by: Banana Republic                          Jacket by: Kasil                                  Shoes by: Aldo

AHHHH purple pants. Or plum? no, purple, definitely purple. I don't know what drove me to dress in such a ridiculous manner, regardless, I did. I LIKED IT. But you won't see me wearing this everyday lol. Why? There's just not an occasion for purple pants all the time. Maybe for some of you, but not for me. In fact I usually try to stray away from colored jeans besides the main three, blue/black/beige. Of course sometimes I get a little adventurous, in which a look like this comes out. So is there a rule when it comes to wearing colored pants? Of course not, but I'll write a guide anyways for it.

When it comes to wearing incredibly saturate pants, here are some things to think about:
1. Matching colors in other pieces (if you do this, you'll end up looking like a giant (grape in my case) fruit or crayon.)
2. Moderation (In most cases, saturated pants should be the main color pull in your outfit, statement pieces that let you go a little wild. Pairing it up with shades [black/white/grey] works really well)
3. Confidence (are you confident enough to wear brightly colored pants? If not, leave them in the back of your closet under your 70s dance pants until you're ready to wear them. Colored pants bring in a lot of attention, and I mean A LOT. Seeing as how your legs are about 50-60% of your body [or more if you're a freak like me with ridiculous leg-torso ratio], it's a huge part of your outfit, if more than 50% of your outfit is glowing like a neon pumpkin, it's bound to get some stares) 

Enjoy, and dress well!