Monday, July 18, 2011

Have you seen the little piggies Crawling in the dirt

PhotoCred: Bethany Struble

This past saturday Bethany S. called me and told me, "Hey traffic is gunna be terrible this saturday cause of carmageddon, I have this blogger picnic to go to. I'm gonna need you to take me on your bike cause we gotta get there on time." Well so I took her, I got lots of yummy candy and yummy food! And I drew bethany's face on a bag, check out her blog! Tote bags supplied byglitternglued! And for the title, it's cause I kinda looked like a little piggie this weekend hahaha, eating all the food!

Glasses by 80's Purple


  1. lol if people dont think youre gay after this post.. then idk what will convince them

  2. ah i love this!! looks like so much fun :) xx



    ps: loooovin your

  3. i was i was with you guys!!!!! SOOO CUTE!!! I LOVE PICNIKS!!! <3

  4. Love the first photo.
    Do you mind if I steal it?

    PS: would love to have you do a guest post. let me know if you're interested :)