Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Who needs these worn out shoes anyways

Photo Credit: Bethany Struble
Zach and Sam: Worn Out Shoes

A couple of years back I found these boots for a mere five dollars. They were beat up old military shoes that no one had wanted anymore. They were worn, dirt stains had decorated these old veterans, scuffs covered them, but somehow they had such an allure. Now I look back...I could have used that money for McDonald's french fries. Oh well, no use crying over spilled milk. Leave a Comment!

P.S. Title is from the song worn out shoes by Bethany's best friend's band, Zach and Sam. Give them a look see and listen.


  1. they dont look that worn out :)
    and thx ... now i feel like having some fries -.-

  2. I love those boot!!!! they kind of look similar to my black ones :D
    can they be friends??

  3. You have a new follower!
    If ever you dare, would be interesting to a translator, since I am something terrible with English! :D