Thursday, February 9, 2012

You and I both loved

 There's really nothing over there.

 Photos by: Bethany Struble             Shirt by: Ronzaro             Glasses by: ProOpticals

I wanted to bring up an important topic, glasses. Why do they matter? Many times I'll see people wearing prescription glasses and when I ask them why they got that specific frame, they don't know, they didn't really care, they just needed glasses. What the foolishness... Blasphemy!!! Glasses can essentially be one of the more important aspects of an outfit. It may complete the outfit, or it may ruin it. In my case, it did a little of JK, I hope you don't feel that way either.. lols fail joke. But really, glasses can be so important when trying to portray a certain look, i.e. do not wear club masters with an urban grudge outfit; do not wear lennon frames with hip hop attire; do not wear wayfarers with...uhh well actually wayfarers go with pretty much everything. Well you get the point. 

Lesson of the day: Next time you decide to pick out glasses, take your time, pick one that frames your face correctly and corresponds best with the look you're trying to go for. Don't just get the rectangle frames just because they were cool in middle school.

Oh btw, fun news, here is a sneak peek at a video outfit post that will be uploaded sometimes next week, if I get around to finishing it. 

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  1. I agree with you on the glasses thing and you and Bethany are so precious!

  2. the last picture is so sweet :)

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