Monday, November 19, 2012

Silly Love Songs

Photos by: Bethany Struble                          Jacket by: Diesel

Hey guys, I've been super slacking on the posts lately, but I sure have a cool surprise for you all! If you all follow me on tumblr then you know I'm readying a video. So stay tuned and keep reading! The video will hopefully be up this week. 

Thank God for this changing weather, it's finally begun to get colder. Which means, I can actually wear layers....not just photograph them and switch back to t-shirts and jeans. Oh style deceiving. I hope you're all having a good Fall/dry season?...or is it wet season, idk man, idk.


  1. Today was pretty foggy and cold
    in my country..
    Anyway love the boots!


  2. loving the combat boots!

  3. Great outfit!
    Love your blog, I follow you now:D

  4. hmmn, I never have a winter, but still cold in my country,,
    it rainy all of day,, so maybe layers is a good idea.. :)
    Love your outfits, especially the boots..

  5. I have never looked forward to anything as much as I look forward to that video. POST IT ALREADY!!! :p #demanding