Thursday, November 8, 2012

Baby's good to me

Photos by: Bethany Struble                     Shirt by: Rhythm                      Jacket by: Forever 21

Oh geez it's been ages since I've updated. I feel like I've neglected you, blog. Please take me back won't ya? I'm going to start posting more though, swear. I've been very busy with my writing and acting. Hopefully I'll also have a video log up soon as well. The best thing about corduroy is that it's thick and warm, the best thing about pseudo corduroy is that it looks like corduroy! Sometimes it's bad to wear fake materials due to it's low quality, but pseudo corduroy...well there's actually no real such thing as pseudo corduroy, just light corduroy, which is lightweight and allows for free movement and lighter insulation. The best friend an active guy could have. The best part? The color hides the pit stains! WINNER.



  1. llove the deep fall appropriate colors!

  2. Very nice shirt! love that color!

  3. simple but nice as always
    looking forward to your upcoming posts :)

  4. You can't be real, too amazing.

  5. thanks y'all :] you guys motivate me to post!