Sunday, July 24, 2011

Just leave me your wake to remember you by

Photo Credit: Derek Wong

Hello everyone! This look was a collaboration with a lot of your favorite lookbookers started by Mike Q. and Johanne D. Those participating are as followed Mike Q, Johanne D, Bethany S, Bobby R, Jerome C, Yoshi S, Deanne M, Chloe T, Natalie L, Doina C, Kani, AnnA W, Any T, Anastasia S and billions more. Today, lookbook takes flight. The theme was "Levitation" butttttttt alas I did not have access to a tripod and instead just tried my hardest to leap. In the end, I'd say the results turned out fine :]

I don't usually have stories for my looks, but this one I couldn't resist. Not really a story but more of a theme I guess. The outfit was inspired by the late 1800's. So the story is a boy discovers a beautiful wooden ship inside his parent's house. Unaware that the ship is enchanted, the boy takes the ship out to play. The ship with all it's magic takes flight as soon as the boy waves it around, taking with it the boy to another world. Simple fun story, I hope you enjoy it :] Check out everyone else's looks! I'll make a click-through link as they upload theirs!


  1. Love this , it's so vintage .

    - Bisoubise from -

  2. i think you guys did an excellent work on this collab

  3. omfg!!
    its super amazing
    i love flying photos
    how can you do that??

  4. I love this! You are one of my favorites on look book! I love your outfit as well, great work!

  5. i love the concept and the look...
    check out my levitation photo as well...


  6. hi peter i love this photoset and
    what is your "vest" you wearing? look so good. i want it too