Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Photo Credits: Nick Sutjongdro

So, recently I had the pleasure of working with the people from Ronzaro, they are a company based in Singapore and they have some amazing clothes! The cool thing about it is that every single one of their shirts are fully customizable. You can give them your measurements and they will make a shirt that fits JUST you! Not only that, they give you the option on HOW the shirt is made, whether you want a certain kind of collar, or even down to the cuffs. EVERYTHING is customizable. 
You have got to check their stuff out, it's amazing, and the material feels great on you. Most of these shirts can be worn many different ways, for many different occasions. 

And the cool thing is that if you do decide you want to buy one of their shirts, you can do so with a code from this blog (YOSHI) and you will get a discount, wooooo, discounts!! [:
Pretty simple right? So go do it! 
Alright peeps, enjoy! 

Here is the link to the actual website to order your very own shirt. And soon I will have a discount code for you right here, be sure to check it out!


  1. holy cow. customizable? sounds really good to me. Hope to hear more from you! keep it up!

  2. actually i super don't like a boy wearing white pants. hhhhaaa. but i think this one is different. love this blog!

  3. looking super spiffy! love the shirt!
    wish more guys dressed like you!