Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I’m Stepping Out This Old Brown Shoe

Photo Credits: Bethany Struble

Hello everyone! It's been such a while since I've posted! Sorry for that, I've been so busy with school/work/life. This look was a collaboration with Lookbook x Aldo! They sent me this lovely pair of shoes. I've been obsessed with the brogue style shoes and I'm so glad that they sent me this exact same pair that I've been obsessing about. I also am super excited about my new glasses! They're prescription! Thanks so much ProOpticals :]

So for the past week, I've actually been working on set of the film Little Boy performing stunts with Yoshi. If it wasn't for Yoshi, I wouldn't have even gotten the opportunity.


  1. Love the shoes AND the glasses :D
    Hope everything's going well with the stunts thing (:
    Lucky you, for being in Mexico with nice weather. I'm just jealous.