Saturday, December 10, 2011

Number A

This picture was not staged, contrary to popular belief. (jk yes it was)

Photo Credit: Bethany Struble

Bethany and I went to visit the store Number A last week and got the chance to style a look and take a picture with it. I chose these two amazing tops, a knitted shawl cardigan, and this amazing plaid shirt. They also gave me two bracelets that I'm allowed to give away so I'll show those in my next post, keep posted.


  1. Love the cardigan, completes the whole outfit

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  3. so neat! Ok you answered my question about the clothes! with this post! I'm looking forward to see and have those bracelets (^^) you should start a personal shopping advice business I would appreciate the help of somebody who knows about the subject!!

  4. The photo of the little girl is darling! And sleek shoes -- i'm always lusting after menswear-style items.


  5. Loving this look so much! Happy holidays! ^^