Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thinkin of that Summer Night

Photo Credit: Nick Sutjongdro                         Tank by: Rhythm Livin USA

This summer's going to be different. That's what I tell myself every summer, and I end up spending it the same way, with a book at the park. But this summer is really gonna be different!....ehhh probably not. Well at least the beach is here. Shoutout to all my SoCal peeps! Let's do a beach meet up! Look for me, I'll be the dude digging a hole. YOLO. 

Anyways, about this look, check out rhythm livin's summer collection, I swear, they have one of the best summer clothes, like ever. I love the beachy feel that each piece gives off. And of course, one of the summer's must haves, khaki shorts. Also, if you wanna scare off the girls even more, you can even tie your flannel around your waist! WINNING! No wonder why I was single for so long. Love you all!