Tuesday, June 12, 2012

You are the one I want

Photo Credit: Taylor McCutchan            Pants by: Pacsun
Just shot with a photographer that I shot with last year; that actually first shot Bethany and me together. I also realized that lots of things have changed this past year and God has given me so much. I'm really grateful of where God has taken my life and I'm especially thankful that I've gotten to spend a whole great year with Bethany as well. And of course, thank you, lookbook/blogger/tumblr for always being there, because I'd be nothing without you all. 

Also, I am back from EDC, so let's rock and roll!!!


  1. I like the first photo but I love the second one. It is so great to see people who aren't afraid to post photos where they may look funny... AWESOME as always P ;)

  2. Really awesome, like that second one :)