Saturday, February 9, 2013

NYFW day 2 photo diary

 Day two in NY! And what did I do? I PLAYED IN THE SNOW, well not really. It was kind of buffeting my face with small ice shards, not exactly the best play-weather, but I did do a fun shoot that I'd love to share with you guys later on today. But what I do want to share with you all today was my exciting adventure meeting with the infamous, Alex (Danger) Maier, Dillon (Thread & Salt), and Jace (Plain T-Shirt)! All of which are just as amazing in real life as they are online. 

So Alex hit me up earlier that day out of the blue to do a shoot with him, and of course, knowing me, I can't turn down a good shoot. So I ventured off in the night to shoot this fun little editorial for CFDA (COUNCIL of FASHION DESIGNERS of AMERICA). It should be out by next Monday, and soon as it is, I'll upload it here for you all to see. And if you follow my instagram, you should already know what a fun time I had in the snow, here is a sneak peek of my outfit post coming later today!


  1. Love the behind the scene


  2. love post like this!!

  3. You're without a doubt an Asian. The peace signs say it all! Hahaha

  4. Love from Mumlum! Jace's biggest fan...him Mom! <3 Blessed with friends!