Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sweater Quick Style tips ft. PRPGNDA

Photos by: Bethany Struble                                              Sweater by: Prpgnda                                              Pants by: Pacsun                

You're all probably sweating looking at these pictures. I don't blame you. I'm sweating now, looking back at these pictures. The best thing about sweaters are that they cover up everything under it, so if you have a terribly ugly collared shirt but it makes for a nice detail piece, slap a sweater on for a cover up. And with that, here comes yet another random style tip.

Sweater quick style tips:
1. If it's a hot day and yet you want to look spiffy in your nice sweater, grab a thin collared shirt you don't really like (or thrift it) and CHOP OFF the sleeves! Yes, that's right, chop them off. You better hope the shirt was cheap, cause now all it is, is a fancy sweater decorator. Throw that sweater over your-now-sleeveless dress shirt and have the same desired look and feel ten times breezier.
2. You have a stained dress shirt? no problem, handy dandy sweater to the rescue! Slap that sweater on and cover up your mess you dirty boy
3. When wearing striped sweaters, try pairing it up with something plain as the stripes itself will gather attention, you don't want the collars to distract from that.
4. Wear thin/fitted dress shirts. Too many times have I seen people wear sweaters with really thick collared shirts under it. It'll bulk up and make you look chunkier, you don't want that!..I think.

To check out more pieces like this sweater, check out Macy's for the fresh line from PRPGNDA!


  1. I´m in love with your sweater!
    Really cool advices!

  2. The sweater is so cute and thanks for the tip! =D I cut off my one of my jeans (that dont fit me anymore cause I grew) and turn it into shorts for the summer~ where did you buy the blue bag?

  3. I love the look, all the clothes are great.

  4. wow!
    love this sweater!

  5. The sweater is so cute and thanks for the tip. Really cool advices!

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