Friday, September 6, 2013

Autumn Peeks

Shoes by: Steve Madden                        Bag by: Levi's                    Shirt by: Pacsun                         Jacket by: F21men

I'm madly in love with denim. The canadian suit is honestly like a daily for me, especially with this denim jacket. Peeking details is just killer and I can't help myself sometimes. I even snatched this one from f21 for 30$. The weather is starting to drop though so it's a good idea to grab a jacket or two :]


  1. i used to dislike denim on denim --you pull it off quite well too I think ^^


  2. Perfect outfits!! Love your looks, denim on denim are stunning...

  3. dude, you can pull off any look i bet ^--^

    <3 fan from ucsc

  4. nice!
    love this double jeans look!