Monday, October 28, 2013

Southern Chill

Photos by: Bethany Struble                                  Jacket by: Vans                    Pants/Hoodie by: Pacsun                          Shoes by:                       Backpack by: Coach

Now that Fall is officially here, everyone's pulling out their boots and hoodies (including me). It's funny how in Southern California, we will literally take any chance to dress warm, like ANY chance. "weather forecasts predicts a low of 70, it's time for my uggs to come out of hibernation". Like seriously though. Can't blame us, when you're stuck with this desert heat all year round, any hint of winter and we'll pull out everything we got. YA NEVER KNOW WHEN IT'S GONNA BE BELOW 80 AGAIN!


  1. nice pants!


  2. Amazing :)

    Super cool

    Love it


  3. TOO FRESH!! the camo pants is just perfect!
    the outfit is amazing .

    Now following you :-)