Thursday, April 24, 2014

The sun is up, the sky is blue

Okay, so before anyone says anything about the hair, these pictures were taken a while back. I have not cut my hair lol. But since spring is upon us, I figured it's a perfect time for a post like this. This was such a great photoshoot, I had so much fun with Melly Lee
I love the print on this sweater, got it from Pacsun, it's really fun and can be worn with a simple outfit. It makes any simple and basic outfit stand out a lot more. Couldn't be more happy with the color choices on it as well. 
I do kind of miss my short hair, but I just wanted to have a change and try out long hair for a bit. I get bored easy, so I'll prolly be going back to short hair soon enough. 



  1. Nice backflip and superman pose captured Yoshi =) You found a great photog

  2. I'm such a huge fan, Yoshi! Lots of lovin from Toronto. Please visit the great up North sometime! :)

  3. the shoot is really amaaaaaaaiiiizzzing!

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  4. Backflips always make me nervous because I broke my toe the last time I did one of those.. on a trampoline.. (Okay I'm a low achiever)

    That Aztec sweater goes really well with your surroundings, was it not hot there at all??


  5. Super cool oufit
    very nice pics
    Great Blog and work

  6. amazing photos!


  7. so cool <3

  8. I love the jacket and the photos are amazing. Greetings :-)