Monday, May 26, 2014


Photos by: Bethany Struble                              Shirt by: H&M                             Jacket by: Paige Denim                              Pants by: Uniqlo                             Shoes by: Palladium

Happy memorial day everyone!! Last week was SUPER hot, and so some of you are probably wondering, "why are you wearing a denim jacket then?" Well good question! Wearing a tank top is usually a go to answer when it comes to heat, but what most people don't know, in the harsh heat of the sun, wearing a light layer is actually kinda nice when it comes to preventing heat from the sun. This denim jacket from Paige denim does a great job of that, it's thing so it doesn't give too much insulation but it's light enough to let the breeze cool me down. Try it and lmk how it works! ofc, don't wear wool or 100% cotton.