Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Waiting For Clouds

Photos by: Yoshi Sudarso                                       Jacket by: PD Collection                                      Shirt by: Pacsun                           Shoes by: Very.co.uk                              Pants by: Uniqlo

Lately Socal has been kind of breezy, which is definitely a relief. Along with the cool breeze, Fall is also bringing back old styles, like this amazing leather jacket from PD collection. Though I definitely cannot wait for the cold days to come knocking in.


  1. Everything about these photos works. The outfit. The background. Your hair. The angles. Everything. Great shots! :)

  2. Sick leather jacket bro.


  3. i'm eyeing the shoes...i want it!!!

  4. Love the jacket! Handsome

    Adhi Wahyudi

  5. Perfect shirt.

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  6. Love your jacket Peter !!


  7. You really,really REALLY dont look like a chinese... Serious, no none zip!
    Oh well, kudos. No cinese will ever know you are a chinese, so in case they decided tomgossip about you in chinese and you understand chinese and they don't know you are not chinese and it woulda be like... "Oh, you biatches! You dont know i know what ya'll are talkin about! Ain't cha?"
    Lol sarcastically.
    this whole 'are you seriously Chinese?,' thing? I've been there, and done that. 10 i meet, 10 said i dont look like one as well. Worse is...
    3.bangla maid (wtf?)
    4.myanmar maid(the heck?!)
    5.mix mix mix.

    So. Kudos to all chinese who doesnt look like chinese! We all loooove to pretend we are not chinese and listen to people talking chinese/mandarine and evasdrop on their lousy convo. Loooool!

    Good day to you, mr peter. First time in your blog. Too much photos. Nothing to read. Kthxbye. Tata!

    Yong Yong

  8. LOVE your outfit!:)
    Much love!

  9. i love your sense of style
    I have a new look in my blog with a special suit!!!!!!

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  11. Beautiful jacket really great quality. this guy looks smart and dashing in this leather jacket.

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  13. Amazing black jacket. i love it. superb pics...two thumbs up for your outfit...looking super cool dude!!

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