Sunday, October 9, 2011

Both Of Us Thinking How Good It Can Be

Photo Credit: Nick Sutjongdro

Michigan is SO beautiful. I love it here. I'm sad that the end of my trip is nearing and I have to go home soon. In just one day I'm back in LA living my normal life :[ I sure am gonna miss it here. But for the duration of time that I've been here, I've had a great time and an extremely enjoyable experience. Bethany will upload blog posts of the the movie soon though since I don't really have pics of it, so keep posted on her blog.

I love that Fall is here. That means scarves, thick coats, warm jackets, it's just the best! I love this time of year. I hope this weather persists. I got this coat from sav-mor for 3$! I seriously love the kinds of things I find when I'm thrift shopping. I hope you're all having an amazing weekend.


  1. It seems a little bit cold there!Nice outfit ;)

  2. I love your citizen look, very simple but timeless

  3. I like this look! You have great style ;)!
    Follow you...

  4. I like your naturalistic passion of Fashion.

  5. hello ! Gladly to see you on blogspot :) [happy] ^^ but 1 silly question , how to be your follower 0.0

    stephanie here :)

  6. May I ask you where did you go in Michigan ? I'm trying to visit most of the states of usa so i would like to know which places to go :)
    And btw i just read your post about this spider which bited you, is that spider common ? Is it tiny or big ? I'm so scared now :s
    I love all of your looks :)