Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oh, Please Don't Drop Me Home

Photo Credit: Derek Wong

I haven't really been posting in the past week and I probably won't post for a long time either, unless if I find more of these backup looks that I've taken a while back. Why you ask? Because I have spent two nights in the past week in and out of the ER. I was bitten by the frivolous jumping spider! Yes no joke! A spider that jumps and bites! Well actually we're still unsure of what's happened, but point is. My face is now cut up and swollen. I'm so thankful Bethany Struble made me go to the hospital before anything worse happened. So I'll continually still post, but most of my posts will not be look posts, or maybe they will...who knows.........HAVE A GOOD DAY!


  1. Wow... I hope you get better dude, seriously.

    Love all the from the Bay.


  2. that really sucks, get better soon

  3. get well soon, man. im so sorry to hear that.

  4. found you through, & am following you now. love your style! definitely appreciate guys with a good sense of style. :)


  5. you are super cute, you're blog posts... not too sure about. just stop talking about the weather in every one of them kay ;)

    also, feel better soon!