Sunday, December 4, 2011

Concrete Rooftops

 They had so much yummy food! I had to take a picture of these beautiful cupcakes before people ravaged them.

Halfway through the party, all the lookbookers/bloggers/designers decided to go up to the rooftop to take lookbook pictures and enjoy the beautiful view :]

This picture was actually taken by one of the founding members of the website, Andy, haha!

Then after fun photo sessions up on the rooftop, we all decided to bum it out to get food and finally come back to the party. The lights inside the room was ten times more beautiful when the sun went down.

Photo Credits: Me, Bethany Struble, Bernie

Today was the d.RA x kasil x lookbook party! To those of you who attended, it was a pleasure meeting you all :] To those of you who didn't attend, you missed out!!! There were so many amazing people that attended, amazing fashion bloggers such as Bethany Struble, Adam Gallagher, Olivia Lopez, Jenny Ong, Zoe Deluge, Amber Saylor, and that's just to name a few. We also got to meet up with most of the people from the lookbook team and all their friends, not to mention meeting up with the designers. It was just such an amazing event, and we finished it off with japanese food for dinner. Hopefully looking forward to meeting with everyone again sometime soon.


  1. ;]]]NiCE hey i wrote something about you on my blog hope you'll like it ;]]

  2. beautiful people all together, awesome :)

  3. yay. that's super cool. def missed out on this.
    you ladies and gents look absolutely fabulous together.


  4. Looks like you had an awesome good time. Now where the heck is that 'Like' button? :)

  5. hahaha i love you so much!!! hahah
    your look.. is amazing!

  6. great meeting u peter. keep up the amazing work man.

  7. Hey, looks like you guys had a good time on that rooftop. I'm kinda jealous of what you have there. I wish my friends would invite me to a party just like this.

    Lino Kosters

  8. A rooftop would always be a perfect venue for a photo shot session or any kind of party groovin’. But, it must be concrete, of course.

    Rufus Mcclure

  9. That rooftop is also a perfect venue for a rooftop party or photo shoot and most ideally, a rooftop garden. You can grow flowers on top of that rooftop for a flourishing, vibrant photo shoot background. How about that? Hehe. And as always, you look good on your photo shoots. =)

    Ashlee Starns

  10. That rooftop is huge! Well, no wonder these lookbookers/bloggers/designers did not end the day without going up on the rooftop, talk a little, and take pictures. The view is definitely stunning, and the weather is incredibly fine allowing you guys to take such wonderful photos. Anyway, it’s nice to see you guys have fun, both on the rooftop bonding and during the lookbook party.

    Randell Jeffries