Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How Could She Say To Me Love Will Find A Way

Photo Credit: Bethany Struble

Girl Jeans, blessing or a curse, I'm still unsure. They make your butt look smaller, or so I've heard...or is it the other way around...EITHER WAY. I wore them.

Tips on wearing girl pants:
- Get one that doesn't make it look like you're wearing girl pants. Whoa, I just blew your mind.
- Follow the pinch rule, "If you can't pinch the sides, don't wear them"
- Don't wear girl pants with a terribly oversized shirt, unless if you enjoy looking like a balloon.

Girl jeans really are a blessing in disguise though. They're perfect when you feel like having absolutely nothing in your pockets, because coincidentally, they can't fit anything in there anyways! Also perfect if you enjoy taking off your pants entirely when trying to use the restroom and even if you don't, wearing girl pants will force you to do so, ENJOY! They're also incredibly lower in price compared to the average levi's, easy on the wallet.

Thoughts? Leave me a comment.


  1. this sueter is amazing Peter!


  2. You look great ! and this jeans are just unbelievable ! I would have never thought it is for girls !
    love the shoes and sweater too (I actually love the entire outfit)


  3. did u buy that pants by your self..??
    just imagine, what's on the shop assistant's mind...?? haha
    anw,, nice look..!!:D

  4. Love this look. That sweater is my favorite part.


  5. I've got no idea why it took me such a long time to find your fashion blog but oh well, I finally did!
    You always look good and yeah, I'm curious. How did you get those pair of girl jeans in your wardrobe?

  6. great tips. I've always been hesitant to buy girl jeans because of all of what you stated above. But with your tips like "the pinch rule" hahah, im sure I might work my way around some of the downsides to wearing some girl jeans. Thanks Peter.

  7. I support the girl pants and absolutely love the jumper.

  8. thank you everyone! i'm glad you enjoyed reading :]