Wednesday, September 28, 2011

But I'd rather be alone than someone you take home

Photo Credit: Nick Sutjongdro

I love how the weather is starting to cool down :] I love autumn. Anyways just wanted to share this fun find while thrift shopping. I got these shoes for 4$!!! anyways yeah I hope you're all having a great time and enjoying everything! Hopefully I'll have more fun things to post soon. Oh and haha here's something for you!


  1. great look and oh my gosh, your hair is awesome haah

  2. this is a very attractive outfit on you :-)

  3. amazing shoes and your hair is cute :D !

  4. oh god, you're super adorable in that video! more vlog plzz! x)

  5. what niiice hair you have. D:
    i'm kinda jealous !
    really like your blog anyway ;)
    greetings from germany,
    U. peaaace