Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Photos by: Bethany Struble                                        Shorts by: GAP

Shorts. I've always been so fond of them, in fact, shorts and I go wayyyyy back. It all started back in Indonesia, (I know you didn't ask for a life story, but you're gonna get one anyways) living in Indonesia, it was hot, and humid. Getting sweaty was the last thing anyone wanted to do, especially me. So like the genius child that I was, I figured out that wearing shorts would minimize those chances of getting sweaty legs. This habit carried on over even when I moved to the states. In fact I grew so fond of shorts, they're all I ever seriously, I didn't start wearing jeans (long pants) until my sr. year in high school. So styling this look gave me a bit of a nostalgia, especially since I've always worn GAP (post indonesia era) (pre-pants era). I hope you guys enjoyed this look, and that backstory! OH and check out this awesomeness on GAP's website as well, here, or here:


  1. Relaxed, fresh & wow.
    Like bro!

  2. I really like you outfit posts! They are really inspiring! I am looking for creative people with great photos to join my website. Its you curate your own magazines with collages check out one of mine here: see what you think! :)

  3. a really nice look for me to use this weekend!! you inspired me and i just became a follower of yours! great job, thanks you! congratulations!

  4. your shoes!! I want them!After all,you aint wearing them.