Monday, July 2, 2012

I see with my IVI

Photo Credits: Bethany Struble            Glasses by: IVI                   Jacket by:

I really gotta start getting better blog titles lols. I'm sure my current ones have been scaring viewers away. Don't go viewers...don't goo.........Whelp! Anyways, this week should be very very exciting! I'm getting right back into my groove of blogging and auditioning, and that also means, more blog posts! Hopefully also better content..though you all love my content right?..RIGHT?! YA BETTA. Just kidding, I know you all love it..I hope..Regardless, I promise that I will start to blog better and more frequently. I'm also starting to draw again, so I'll begin uploading random things up on here as well.


  1. love the glasses !
    haha blog titles.. don't worry yours are fine ! mine are shocking ><

    Can't wait for more posts (:

  2. your suspenders are the best!

    woahhh, drawings! it's been a while, no? (:

  3. you look so cool! :) dots arranged on a grid are my favourite pattern... i can see those are not exactly dots but they come across as that...

    drawing is good... i make sometimes illustrations but wanna do more!

    agnes / iiiinspired

  4. your smile is the best thing you're wearing :)

  5. cool blog, nice photos, amazing outfits what could I ask for! loved everything :)