Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pretty little thing that I adore

Photos by: Bethany Struble                                     Pants and Shirt by: Pacsun

Transitioning weathers can be difficult at times, in fact I see TONS of people struggling with it in socal. They don't know whether to dress cold or warm. I mean for goodness sakes people, the weather dropped 5-10 degrees farenheit, it does not call for winter clothes already. This goes out to all you SoCalers who already threw on their uggs and fur coats when it's only 70-80 degrees out. So I suggest wearing a light layer over, like a nice cardigan or a sweater. I of course, chose to go a different route and just threw on a light denim vest. Keeps the heart warm :] In fact, mix it up! Think of something creative and tell me what you did in the comments.


  1. love the look of your vest with the plaid shirt!

  2. I just moved to soCal and I'm seriously struggling with the weather. It's that thing where either it's too hot or too cold. I always have to carry a jacket with me everywhere I go. I did buy a $7 cotton moto jacket from H&M the other day which is nice.
    (Btw, saw you on lookbook and thought I might drop by and say 'hi')

    1. thank you! yeahh, SoCal is really bipolar, you dress warm since it's cold in the mornings then the weather decides to burn up and now you're stuck with a darned jacket.

  3. Very nice blog and great post (it's nice to see i'm not the only one male blogger ). You have a very huge style! So, i'm going to follow you ok? would you like to follow me back ? :D you'll make very happy ;)

  4. this is too good, can't stop looking.

  5. I'm getting intoxicating by your outfit,I can't stop watching! I'm struggling with the weather, it's snowing, and I don't wanna dress up like a mammoth everytime I'm getting out of a house, so I came up with a good and warm, fake fur vest, that keeps me warm AND look good at the same time.
    Anyways, I LOVE you,Adrian. Rock on!

  6. I love your style!! It's so cool, and you're so hot :3

  7. love it! I wish I saw you when you and Bethany were in NY!

  8. the denim vest is a basic in our wardrobe! you look amazing

  9. you are so beautiful. great outfit!