Monday, April 1, 2013

Eggs Giveaway Closed + Raffle list

Eggs Art Giveaway is now CLOSED

Thank you to all of those that entered! Here is the list of people for the raffle?..thing? idk man, The list of people who could win an egg. I'll be streaming live tmrw night so y'all know I aint cheatin or nothin. Anyways here is the list. If your name is on it and you entered, it's probably because ya ain't entered on time.


Andrea Lam Lamandrea@hotmail
Joly Marie
Van Nguyen
Chrystal Li
LInh NGuyen
Mari Green
Amy Lai
Brian Fung
Grace Nguyen
Knoble Tankiamco
Thanh Nguyen
Kim Segovia
Andy Veeradeth
Lucky Magno
Hatsue Yaeko Ajuju Kaminaga
Denny Ruan
Kevin Lê
Keri Hyjurick
Jaclyn Basanes
Tate Brombal
Khoi Nguyen
Niko Oliveroz
Corrie Schäfers
Enoch Shih
Nhu Nguyen
Joshua Han
O'neal Aspera
Nina Leung
David Sun
Dawson Wu
Vilan Nguyen
Matthew Yew Kai Bin
Aaron Banes
Jemina Ainesmaa
Cam Vi Nguyen
Fauzi Dharma
Yonas Indrajaya
Tiffany Yoyo Kwan
Jesse Chewning
Lynh Nguyen
Patrick Marcelo
Kathy Ngoc Hong
Michelle Tin
Judgemental PinnPinn
Lily Wu
Winnie Chin
Neil Java Bondoc
Ika Soemampauw
Jenny Elianna Zhang
Daniel Catindig
Jennifer Chai
Evelyn Lesmy Ng
Ellen Oh
Beth Watson
Angela Xie
Philberta Mak
Rayden Tae Sisomphou


Grace Nguyen
Jason Xu
Jaclyn Basanes
Chia Yi
Yonas Indrajaya
Tiffany Kwan
Daniel Cantidig
Angela Xie


My Nguyen
Rayden Sisomphou
Kristie Liang
Daniel Cantidig
Jenna Chung
Jenny Zhang
Queen Lili’uokalani
Michelle Tin
Zhang Zhi Jia
Tracy Tang
Maria Derpinall


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