Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Peter X Steppie Part II

 Photos by: Sylvia G                            Styling by: Joey Thao                              Shirt by: Steppie

More tanks and beanies! This shoot was certainly wild, glad to be releasing the second set of looks from the Steppie Clothing shoot! What do you guys think of the pants? Great, not great? Meh? awesome? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

For me, printed pants are kinda like ex girlfriends. You like them a lot for a little while, then you shun them for years, then after several years, it doesn't get quite as awkward seeing them on the streets. But then you see old pictures with them and you think to yourself, "what was I ever thinking?"


  1. barely recognize you !! awesome :)

  2. I like the pants! I would buy a pair.. where did you get them! Do they have other styles?

  3. where did you get them!I really like this style

  4. I AM A NINJA~
    Cute tee :D

  5. I love this photoshoot! pictures are great
    Your shirt is so lovely!...I think like you about the pants, even though I found them great! they look really interesting.