Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hot for Teacher

Shirt: Joon's Shirt                                    Pants by: Neoblue                                         Shoes by: Aldo                                         Belt by: Levi's

Back to school also means back to school for all you teachers. As I know personally, looking more professional/older can be a bit of a struggle for younger teachers, especially if you're used to dressing like a frat boy. So here is an outfit I styled using simple style tricks to shape up any frat boy ready for the professional world. Keep in mind, this outfit is not for actual business meetings, just a simple dapper/casual clean style for a laid back professional look.


  1. Great outfit, and great blog.

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  3. awesome look!
    love this shirt!

  4. You do look like a hot, new teacher! Those school girls wouldn't know what hit 'em

  5. I really like this look, gonna recommend this to my bro :)

  6. Great outfit.
    You look really good in shirts!