Monday, August 19, 2013

Nothing's Going To Change My World

Photos by: Brandon J                             Shirt&Jacket: Joon's                               Bracelet: Mr.Ettika x Peter Adrian                           Pants: Pacsun 

Color of choice as of late for me has been olive green. Why? idk, it's just really aesthetically pleasing to me. It also helps a lot that camo is olive green. Which makes this shirt that I stole/borrowed from my roommate just all that much better, chambray and camo mixed together, how much better can things get. What are your colors of choice as of late? :]


  1. Actually olive green looks amazing on you! it´s a great versatile color and you´re great mixing it.

  2. Great combination! Your style ist amazing


  3. Sharp, and I want an infinity bracelet like that!