Thursday, December 5, 2013

Moose Kisses

Photos by: Bethany Struble                              Sweater by: Gant                            Pants by: H&M                         

December is the time when Meese...mooses?...Moose? idk, well when Moose gather together and kiss snowflakes. Well apparently so as pictured on my sweater. It is definitely the time where I'd like to get together and kissed loved ones in the snow as well. And this December, I'm starting it out with cuddles, Christmas sweaters, movies, and music! And hot chocolate. And candy canes. And etc. etc.

Anyways, loving this amazing sweater from Gant. It's exatly the right amount of cozy and the right amount of stylish. Most of the times, I find that Christmas sweaters tend to be itchy inside and such, but no problems from this here sweater!


  1. Love the shoes especially! Sockless loafers work surprisingly well with this outfit - but you must be cold! ha

  2. very nice jumper :)

  3. nice photos!


  4. lovely sweater and lovely pictures :-)

  5. Love the jumper- It's hard to find a decent Christmas jumper that doesn't look garish so this one has to go on my list!

  6. The sweater is adorable! Love this set of photos as well, looks really warm and cozy - it might be the tone!

    Best, Van