Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Suddenly I See

Photos by: Bethany Struble                                   Sweater by: ASOS                                  Shirt by: Pacsun                                Glasses by JohnRuvin Company       

One of my favorite things to do when it comes to making outfits are matching themes; colors, prints, etc etc. Such as the colors in this outfit, orange and blue, complementary colors that just seem to be my go to choice when it comes to opposite colors. Though I'm sure wearing other complementary color pairs may not bear such good results. You can try though! be sure to tag me on your instagram if you want me to see it! @petersadrian

Loving this sweater from ASOS. I've been finding myself browsing their selections and obsessing over their sweaters. Especially this time of year when things get cold, it's always nice to have a good sweater handy!

Thanks so much John Ruvin Company for giving me the gift of sight yet again! Loving these frames :]


  1. Amazing look!


  2. I really like this look! That sweater is so nice! I hope you'll do a hair tutorial video! That would be great!

  3. You look so cute with those glasses ! And i love how you combine that sweater with that backpack !
    Happy new year's eve pete :)

    Titany Shintamurti

  4. once and always been a fashionista. yes you. feel free to enjoy my site

  5. SCHOOLBOY FRESH!! i like the theme.
    This post is perfect ! :-)

    Greets Jon,

  6. Which brand are these shoes?