Sunday, February 5, 2012

Edward can I borrow your coat

Photo Credits: Bethany Struble

It's been a while since I've dedicated a look to anyone, but as many of you know, Edward Honaker is not just anyone. When I was first starting out on, I only knew of three lookbookers, Adam Gallagher, Tony Stone, and Edward Honaker. As my journey on progressed, the more and more I grew to admire this giant of a man (yes he's 6'3", the friendly giant type, unless if you don't watch disney channel and have bad hair) and his fashion sense. Clean/dapper can define his style, but the simplicity of his style and his strength to not conform to the urban "hipster" style is very admirable, not to mention he has his own line of haircut styles. Really though, the best part about Edward, is his size 13 feet, nah just kidding; Ed has a great attitude in and out of the fashion world, extremely humble despite his fame and achievements, not to mention the guy is hilarious. Tune in to his blog: If you would like to see edward honker shirtless, leave a comment. 

Peter Adrian will not be held liable to supply pictures of Edward Honaker shirtless. 


  1. Also, I want to see Edward Honker shirtless. hahaha

  2. Haha, you look like Edward, indeed :D And my first lookbookers' inspirations were Tony Stone, Christoph Schaller, Adam Gallagher and you :)

  3. gosh your tie is absoutley beast mode. ha ! & Edward is pretty awesome I read his blog all the time !!

  4. I want to see him shirtless. ;)
    haha, I do love Edward though! He's always been a favorite of mine.

    But! You sir! This look is wonderful! You look so handsome as always.

  5. i guess ur impersonating EDward.. ney . just kidding!!!..
    just got into my mind b'coz I saw Ed having that pose plus the outfit, ...kinda similar!.. Cute> :)

    visit my blog too.

  6. love it!
    :D and wants to see edward shirtless!!
    wont mind seeing u too! :D

  7. so when do we get to see Edward shirtless..? :\

  8. So Funny! I thought you were talking about Edward Cullen in Twilight!
    But The Edward you're talking about is Way More Handsome!
    A Man Clutch...This is clearly a First!