Monday, February 13, 2012

If I had you and I could give you your dreams

 This picture of a golden deity is very necessary.
 So are these pictures of me and Yoshi being bored.

 Photos of me by: Yoshi                     Glasses by ProOpticals

People often criticize me for not taking pride in the indonesian race/culture. Though I am not indonesian, I do take pride in the country due to the fact that I was born and raised there. So when Yoshi and I worked on a music video set and we found out that the singer herself was an Indonesian born chinese, we were ecstatic! It was also just such a blast to work on set as a dancer again, and Yoshi as an acrobat; Bethany and her sister also came along as dancers. After making new friends on the set with the teen star and a couple of others, we all decided to do a gathering a week or so after, and this little chinatown trip was the result of all that planning. A bunch of asians in chinatown, I'd say that's pretty typical. So if you want to check our her music, click here for her page, Meeghan Henry, and drop a comment. Oh, she's also Miss teen Asia USA, nbd.

That following night however was the 2nd annual valentine's dinner that my brother, Yoshi, and his girlfriend usually hold the weekend before valentine's day; I must say, both years, they did not fail to deliver. I'm a small town guy, with small town tastes; I'll take a good old fashioned get together with close friends and good vibes over a party in beverly hills any day, just the warmth shared by close friends on a cold night is unmatched. Also dare I say, this Valentine's day, love is in the air, so take a deep breath and enjoy life as it comes. 

 Our make shift photo booth that Yoshi, Mike, and Manny (one of my best friends) built.
 Yoshi and his girlfriend Sarah at the photo booth (Sorry ladies, he's taken.)
 And I can't resist candid corny kissing shots, it is Valentine's dinner after all.
 And of course, the night's never over without some creepy pictures of!

 And of course Manny and I get stuck with dishwashing duties.

Photos by: Chris Im


  1. uh wow uh two are dancers ö.ö ?? so streetdance and sth like this `?? XD
    and bubble tea so cheap germany it´s definitely more exspensive T_T
    apart from that ..really nice photos :D really enjoyed to browse them
    lg :)

  2. great photos you've took i love your taste peter ^^

    Beny Ricardo!/

  3. I really love this outfit! Good job :)

    Much love from Germany xx

  4. Aw that Vday dinner seems awesome! Especially that makeshift photo booth!