Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April showers bring May flowers

Photo Credits: Bethany Struble                              Shirt by: Rhythm Livin

I love prints, all kinds of prints, whether it be anchors, sailboats, aztec, and of course, even floral. Now, a lot of guys have a problem when it comes to wearing floral print shirts.

"It implies femininity"

"It looks gay"

"I look like a 45 year old hawaiian dude, which I'm not"

I've heard it all bro. Wearing floral shirts, yes, will make you look slightly more feminine than the average dude, but that does not mean you will look gay... (unless if that's what you're going for, which is completely fine as well). So how should a straight man wear such a delicate piece? Well there are several different ways.

The two looks above are some examples, the first look is rather dapper/preppy, this is dangerous. There's a very fine line between dapper/preppy and feminine/dainty. So how do you prevent that mistake? Limit the floral. Put a sweater over it, wear a tie, accent it with bold dark colors, or even something that I didn't do, you could take out the tie and just leave the shirt unbuttoned. Also try to steer away from the more feminine colors, i.e. light blue jeans, brightly colored jeans in general, or a pink sweater. The second look is how I would normally wear a floral shirt, pair it with something masculine, such as a denim jacket or something similar. Anyways, leave a comment on how you'd wear floral, or how you would like to see a guy wear floral.


  1. It's 2012, if someone have a problem with floral print shirts - he/she's weird. It suits you, I like your look :)


  2. omg this is awesome. you look very cool and don't look like a gay or feminine, etc. And I think I must show this to my teacher because I had english language exam last week, and there's a question from a conversation. x: " What is this mom? floral shirt? striped pants?" and I had to guess it's between mom and son or mom and daughter. I chose mom and son because nowadays I often see boys wear floral shirts... and it turned out the right answer is a conversation between mom and daughter. geezz.. my teacher is kinda outdated! hahaha

  3. I love your CUTE SMILE

    That is all.

  4. you always look awesome with any of the outfits! :)


  5. Two very masculine and stylish ways of wearing a shirt of that kind!

  6. i just stumbled across your blog and omg you are cute!!

    sending you love from the land down under :P