Monday, April 16, 2012

At Coachella, Coachella

Photos by: Me and Bethany Struble                          Shoes by: Dr. Marten's                       Pants and Shirt from: Pacsun

We're back! and by we, I mean me, and Bethany, but really just me, because she doesn't really blog here...but she is back, I mean we, Bethany and I, from coachella that is. Oh geez, my old english teacher probably would have had a seizure if he tried to read that past sentence, or anything on my blog for that matter.

ANYWAYS, coachella! Yes, a festival of music in the desert!..Really just an excuse to wear minimal amounts of clothing and do drugs, but you didn't hear it from me :P BUT fear not readers, I did not partake in this "wearing of minimal clothes" or ritual of "pumping chemicals", the music however was extremely enjoyable. On Saturday morning, bright and early, we hopped in a car with Stylesmith & Mr. Cuit and trekked across the desert. Above are the quick shots we took at the various events that went on in the area during the festival.

First Set of pictures were from the KROQ house that Bethany was invited to, so as the leech that I am, I tagged along! At the event, we were graciously gifted a couple of items from the brands there (F21, Doc Marten's, etc.)

The second set of pictures were from the lacoste party that I did not get into. Waited in line for like 9000 hours, but did not get into. Bethany did however, and was kind enough to let me use the pictures, so there they are! And of course, we stopped by the street to snap a couple of pictures. Ahh yes, fashion bloggers in all our vainglorious ways. Leave a comment! Or not, but I'll find you >_>


  1. oh wow! seems like an interesting event!
    the pictures you two took are great!
    love bethanies outfit! :D
    and yours of course too!

  2. These photos are beyond gorgeous! I mean, they are always very nifty edited, but those made me crawl out of the stalking shadows and actually comment. I'm glad you had fun at Coachella (wish I had the money to go the Benicássim! Which is the closest thing I can get) - and of course, you both look gorgeous as always ;)

    1. AWWW thanks so much! I always appreciate reading the comments, especially if people actually take time to read, unless if you didn't read...hahahaa

    2. Oh shit, you got me there - ahaha kidding, of course we do! How else would we get to know about all the quirky moments?

  3. Hi! I found your blog on the site and I like it! The photographs are cute, I love it! Good bye and sorry for my english because I'm french.