Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sponsored Video by River Island

I like games, I don't know if you all know this about me, but I love games. Just recently I've been introduced to an interractive app by river island, which is pretty much a game. An app that you can find here:

The app itself is called "Vogue-off". It's a fun & interractive app that allows you and your friends to have a "vogue-off" with each other. Pretty much, the app asks you to upload a face, whether it be your face (via webcam, or through a profile picture) or your friend's face, and it pastes that face onto a video. So here's the kicker, you get to pick a dance style, such as swing, or..actually I don't know what other styles they had, and you can sit back and watch your face dances itself away. I wonder if they have jerking...probably not. Too bad, I'm a really mean jerker.

But I digress! Anyways, it's actually rather amusing! I spent a good 30 minutes just pasting on faces of friends and watching them dance. The best part? Take screenshots, LOTS of them, and post them on facebook. Make your friends look stupid, what's more fun than that? ;] Anyways check out the app again by river island here: Enjoy it! This post was sponsored by River Island. 

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