Saturday, September 22, 2012

So my friends decided to make a clothing company, they call themselves ORCA or Original California. You can check out their stuff on their website, The clothes are incredibly soft and 100% organic, made out of bamboo. Quite amazing in my opinion, they are new so they don't have that many selections, BUT what they do is that they hand dye every single shirt, tank, sweater you buy. That means you can ask them to make them darker or lighter or whatever you want. That also means that there are no two shirts alike out there. Unique shirts, AWESOME [:

I am also wearing clothes from the Levi's new Fall line, their commuter line, which is pretty cool. Since most of their clothes are made for you to ride bicycles so it's very flexible and whatnot. Check it out at Levi's



  1. Original California sounds uber cool!
    I love that they call themselves ORCA. It makes me think of cool orca whales being all carefree in the ocean :)
    The fact that all their clothes are organic and hand dyed is definitely pretty awesome as well. Unique clothes? Oooooh I want in!
    Whenever ORCA gets its online shop up and running, I'm definitely going to be checking out all that they offer. Who wants to bet that I'll want pretty much everything?

    Looking good Yoshi!
    Have I ever mentioned that I absolutely love your name? Because seriously. Could it be any cooler?
    Oh and I'm digging your shoes and this photo. Nothing like some good old fashioned sunlight to make a photo.

    Hope you're having a marvelous weekend!


  2. I never write, but I'm following you from long time. I really love your outfits and pictures!!

    'Me visto solo' [Man] -