Monday, March 5, 2012

Dance like it's the last night of your life

 Photo Credit: Jay Ahn
Photo Credit: Bethany Struble

Alright peeps, so idk if you guys keep up with my Facebook, but some people asked me to upload a dancing video of myself, so I uploaded my dance reel. If you didn't get a chance to check it out, here it is.

As for the pictures above, they're stills from the original shoot, which can be found here:

I hope you all enjoyed that :] Leave a comment!


  1. the nun has a very muscular leg..=='a

  2. "Editing: Edward Honaker"? Wow! I'm surprised that you guys are friends (I mean you, Adam G., Edward H.). Awesome combo, haha. And your dancing skills are impressive :)

  3. uh you guys are such a amazing dancers :D
    i hope i will be that great some day too ^^
    lg ;)

  4. What's the title of the song? I wanna dance like that as well, but my entire body has no coordination for such moves. Haha!

  5. WOOOO GO PETER!! I've never seen you dance before! haha Marcus will love this :)