Sunday, March 4, 2012

We would zig zag our way through the boredom and pain

Totally not as cool as I felt. 

Photo Credits: Nick Sutjongdro

Sometimes I wonder why I don't wear leather jackets more often, I love them so much, then I remember that I live in southern california. If only the weather permits me to wear leather jackets more often...if only. This jacket was sent to me by Viparo. They're an australian brand, but the best part about their clothes are that they're sizes are customizable. It really saves the hard work when you're online shopping. I normally am really skeptical when it comes to buying clothes online, especially if I'm not familiar with the brand just because I don't know if it'll fit well; well when it came to these Viparo jackets, they all fit like a a really comfortable and fashionable glove that is. Not one of those little surgeon gloves, those suck. The best part about this post is probably somewhere in here, you'll see that I typed lather jacket on accident instead of typing leather jacket. Oh well, I don't have spell check and I'm far too lazy to go back and check it. Enjoy! Changing my blog name soon, leave a comment with your suggestions please. Love you all <3


  1. I definitely have to check that brand out. I love Australian..accents. lol Just posted a leather jacket look as well.

  2. Love ur hair. still trying to copy it haha

  3. nice pictures.. and it looks cool at all XD
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  4. Love this outfit and LOVE Viparo! <3

  5. the leather and red plaid combo looks really good!

    i definitely know what you mean about not looking as cool as you feel....

    thanks for introducing viparo to us!


  6. "Changing *my* blog name" meaning no more Yoshi? :( Will he make a separate blog? I really hope so!!

    1. no no, we're still sharing a blog! hahaha, I'm just changing it from made it china

  7. I like your new blog name, but I LOVED the old one XD
    I'd also like to see more of Yoshi (still, U DA BEST!)!
    the pictures and the location are great!
    and where do you always get those super cool shoes?