Tuesday, March 20, 2012

On the set of "Already Gone"

Hey guys, Yoshi here, I've been really trying to further my career in stunts, which why you don't see me on Lookbook as much. But once in a while I'll post on there. And recently I stumbled onto on of the biggest jobs I've ever had. Usually I am just the stuntman taking falls for others or something like that, which I don't mind, in fact I love doing. But when I went to work for "Corridor Digital" for their new series I ran into a few old buddies of mine, the "EMC Monkeys" and we reconnected. They went on to hand me a this amazing new job where I was able to coordinate the stunts, meaning I was the one telling the stuntmen what to do and made sure everyone was safe, especially the actors. Guess who the actors were; Harry Shum Jr. (Glee) and Shawn Ashemore (Iceman from X-men) They were incredibly nice and we had a great time on set, I can't wait to work with them again. So please keep me in your prayers as I go towards my goal, thank you all of the support! Oh and more pictures to come later.



  1. Yay for leveling up! Congrats for being a stunt coordinator now.

    And BTW, didn't know Harry is that so white. Must be the lighting. LOL.

  2. Harry Shum Jr.!!! Too cool. That's really great congrats on your new job!

  3. YAY YOSHI! Post some more! :) And congratulations by the way!

  4. Dope Yoshi, congrats bro. You still need to teach me how to trick so I can beast on the other dancers at my auditions :)

  5. Congratulation Yoshi! May God always bless you especially your career :)


  6. Congrats Yoshi! that's one step closer to making it big! i really wish to see you make it big :)