Saturday, March 24, 2012

Warmth has never felt so cold

Photo Credit: Bethany Struble      Glasses by: ProOpticals

Spring time is here, which means for us SoCalers, if that's even a word, (we'll google it, though googling itself isn't really a word) BUT I DIGRESS, anyways, this means......well, almost absolutely nothing. Except for longer daylight hours, which is fabulous for fashion bloggers everywhere. 

FB: "Shoot gotta get a blog post ready" 
FB: "oh wait, it's only 5, we've got 2 hours of daylight left to shoot" 
Proceeds to laying on the couch doing nothing for another 2 hours (true story)

So how does this affect you, my fellow readers? Good question! It doesn't. JUST KIDDING. It means more pictures and blog posts with better content and better quality pictures. Still don't understand? Here's a fun equation that should help. 

Longer daylight hours = more time to shoot pictures
More time to shoot pictures = more time to put together looks
More time to put together looks = different variations of the same boring outfit...

Hmm...well that didn't really work out in your favor now did it? 

Anyways, now about this outfit. People often say, "You wear beanies, you must be a hipster." Wrong. There is huge difference in being hip and being a hipster. If you have a purpose for that beanie, BAM, suddenly the hipster label is no longer valid. Pretty simple no? Now this day was actually fairly cold, so the beanie was actually used to keep my ears and big head warm, as opposed to just...being there haha. Anyways, fair thee well readers. Leave a comment, they make me giggle inside. 


  1. haha your beanie comment reminds of the first episode of "2 Broke Girls" which refers to the beanie wearing hipsters.

    I'm definitely excited for daylights savings for you, but with a jealous tinge - we're moving into the darker months of the year.


  2. you can be a model. handsome and stylish, also have a great style. would you like to follow each other? but i couldn't find the follow button in your blog :| hyped your look in lookbook also ;)

  3. i really had to laugh while reading this post haha
    nice outfit :)

  4. No matter what you will always be an daily inspiration for me. I love the way you create new outfits but with the same clothes.Brilliant!

  5. I love your looks! Just awesome!
    I was wondering what kind of camera you use? The pics are really wonderful too!

  6. I think it's the beanie that adds more to the look, great outfit.

  7. I saw you on SnakesNest and I love your style!