Saturday, August 18, 2012


Photos by: Bethany Struble                             Shirt by: DKNY                             Pants by: Neoblue Jeans                               Shoes by: Fly London

As a child I've always been fond of designer clothes, though by designer I really meant GAP/babyGap. I've never really known what designer clothes were or the importance of designer brands until recently. So when I ran into this sweater at a thrifting run, I was filled with glee! Especially for the price I got it for. While I am starting to grow fond of some designer styles, I believe that anyone who is into fashion should be a little bit careful with designer brands.

PSA: Just because it's expensive does not make it better, though in most cases it is. With clothes, in some cases, you get what you pay for, and in some other cases, you get what you pay for (just the brand).

However, I do feel that there are some benefits to the more expensive designer brands, and I'll list them for you in bullet point format.
  • Designer brands are exclusive (they're more expensive, less people will spend that much money, less likely you'll play match/dress-up with someone on the streets or at a party)
  • A name you can trust (most designers at expensive because they've had a past of reliability and they are backed up by thousands of fashion icons/consumers)
  • Knowing what you'll get (if you're familiar with a brand, you're familiar with their fit, which means you can confidently order a shirt online and know exactly if it'll fit perfect or hang off your body like superman's cape)
  • You'll look like a boss (expensive/designer stuff creates the assumption that you are important or going to be important, it's like a bulls-eye for pickpocketers everywhere)
I hope this helps! Also, someone messaged me to ask me to make a thrifting/haul video, I eventually will soon enough, but just recently I've moved to a new location so...this means exploring to find new thrifting locations. New video hopefully coming up this month! ALSO, exciting news, Yoshi will soon start blogging more for all you Yoshi fans. Comment below on new things you'd like to hear about or see, or just comment on how much you love my bullet point format!


  1. very nice outfit :)
    love the red trouser *.*
    and the little girl on one of the photos is really cute ^^

  2. I like the fourth bullet on the list especially the 'bulls-eye for pickpocketers everywhere'. It made me laugh! lol

    Thanks for sharing!