Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I sense there's something in the wind

Photos by: Bethany Struble                                   Shirt by: Rhythm                              Jacket by: Forever21 men                                   Pants by: Kasil                           Shoes by: Vans                           Watch by: Casio

whoaaaaa, can't believe I tagged EVERYTHING that I wore. Usually I don't do that, so that's a kudos to me. Well that was totally off topic lol. Anywhoooo, Fall is starting to creep in, which I am actually excited about. Jackets, layers, hmmmm all that good stuff ya'dig? Here is one of my Fall inspired outfits, of course with one of my favorite pieces, a denim jacket. A denim jacket of some sort is a must have in all closets this fall, MUST HAVE. Though....I technically don't, HAVE it. It's my roomate, Joon's jacket, but he wasn't in town so I TOOK IT! No jk, I borrowed it. In fact, I also borrowed the shoes from my other roomate, Manny. (He also cuts my hair if any of you want to know how I get my hair cut, contact him)

Also unrelated to the topic, sorry for my previous blog update. I can see how it may confuse you all. I've been getting ask messages on my tumblr saying, "ARE YOU AND BETHANY BROKEN UP!?!?!?!!?!" Well to answer that question, NO.  

Bethany and I are still together. 

Thank you for your concern :]


  1. Looking good, I've always been a fan of the blue denim + beige pants combo...

    "whoaaaaa, can't believe I tagged EVERYTHING that I wore." --> So you went commando under those Kasil's? NICE! :-P

  2. I have just found out your blog and i like your style.
    well matched denim and chino pants!

    style frontier