Monday, August 27, 2012

It's the end of the road as we know it

Photos by: Bethany Struble                                  Shirt by: Lamb & Flag                                Pants by: Kasil Workshop

Breaking up sucks, why? Because knowing that you can never see that person in the same light again just blows. Well, when a store closes down, it's that same feeling. No more of your favorite fit, your favorite style. You lose that sense of security with online shopping. "How will I know if this shirt will fit me right?" HOW CAN YOU EVER LEARN TO TRUST AGAIN? Oh the agony. Just recently, I saw that all the Lamb and Flag stores are pulling out from the malls..ALL of them. It just broke my heart. Especially because I really loved their clothes and style. Life sucks sometimes, just gotta roll with the punches. On the bright side, here is a video compilation of what went on at the LAZR tradeshow a week or two ago, enjoy!


  1. like your shirt :)

  2. OMG I thought you and Bethany broke up! Why would you start off a blog post with those words?! Thank God you were talking about clothes. :)

    1. Ahahaha I had the exact same thought and my heart stopped for a second! Don't do that again!