Thursday, January 24, 2013

In the Morning Light (Paccony)

 Photos by: Bethany Struble                                      Shirt by: Vans                                       Pillowcase by: Paccony

I feel so scandalous posting these pictures in my bed, even though I'm not like exposing anything lol, but I really wanted to show you guys my new pillowcase! One thing that I've always thought was cool was silk pillowcases, because, from living with my parents, all I had were cotton floral pillowcases. Having one of these really made me feel independent. Strange as it sounds, but of course, thus is the mystical power of a silk cloth on one's face. If you're all wondering where I got this pillowcase, check out for more home/interior design deals. Here are some deals they currently have!

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  1. haha, nice pictures !! :)

  2. So cool, love all your fantastic posts!!!

  3. great look,i love it !

  4. awesome look and post!!

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